Round 1 Pick 9 - OL Mike McGlinchey, Notre Dame

6' 8" 309 lbs

Let me just start by saying Mike McGlinchey enjoys his work. This is one of those players that can’t wait for that edge rusher to arrive. In fact in the video below big Mike goes out as a one man welcoming committee on many an occassion to meet agression. It’s easy to see why Kyle wants him in order to excel the run game. If you’re talking about a big man getting out into space and blazing a trail for the running back this would be him! 

We’ve all seen Offensive lineman who can really take it to the defensive line, but Mike really does appear to take it personally when invaders hit his turf! Once big Mike completely acclimates to the NFL he’ll  be equal to that guard you see on that Rainbow bridge into Asgard that even The Mighty Thor respects when he comes home to visit his dad Odin! This guy is impressive!