Round 2 Pick 44 - WR Dante Pettis, Washington

6' 1" 186 lbs

If there is one thing that needs to be cleared up is that Dante Pettis is way more than just a return man. 

I’ve watched several different videos on Pettis to make sure the ones I’ve saw haven’t been doctored up in order to make Pettis seem more talented than he may actually be. 

If you’re from the Washington area and you’ve witnessed Pettis doing what he does in person, please confirm my belief that this player will be loading the stat box every week.

Pettis has that natural talent that some will never have no matter how long they practice. His ability to run routes are as legitimate as it gets. This is mandatory skill in Shanahan’s house, and we all know this. He makes difficult catches, and if a defender plans on trying to take Pettis out of his game with physicality that could play right into his hands. The closer a defender plays up on him the more likely it is that Pettis is going to abuse him as he tries to lock up on his hip. That doesn’t work with this guy, as he will embarrass a defender or the flag will no doubt fly. I expect a lot of that this year from defenders trying to stay in the Pettis space. He’s a ridiculous cover.  The 49ers have a steal with this player. Call me a homer all you like, but watch the film and then tell me if I’m exaggerating…