Round 6 Pick 184 - S Marcell Harris, Florida

6' 1"  216 lbs

Harris missed the 2017 season because of an achilles tear, but did enough to leave a trail of bread crumbs to Santa Clara. 

Instincts, ability to read plays, and reactions are what you look for in a safety.  You won’t catch Harris sleeping on any plays. 

In watching the hard hitting safety work its pretty obvious that again it’s all about speed, and power in Santa Clara on both sides of the ball. Harris is another lightening bolt in human form that hits hard! 

Honestly, I’m trying to find a draft pick to not approve of, and can’t do it! 

You look at Harris, and let me know why a 6th round pick looks like this? Adam Peters we’re not worthy! We are not worthy! I’m just glad Peters is helping the 49ers build this machine before he takes over his own club. The man’s talent to find good college players flying under the radar is ridiculous.