Round 7 Pick 240 - WR Richie James, Middle Tennessee

5' 10" 183 lbs

Watching Richie James work leaves no doubt in your mind that he is a playmaker. In fact, how do you not keep him is the question? That question will be answered of course when the pads come on, and  how contact will effect the James game at the pro level. 

This is a player however that has endured some real life struggles to get where he is. Could be that the NFL is something of an easy task for him. He’s got real toughness no doubt about that.

We’ll soon see. He put on a show during the rookies minicamp. Remember who ran a similar path last season and ended up Carlos Hyde’s second? Keep an eye on Richie James. It’s to difficult to say how he will do just yet, but If I had to say so right now. I would have to label James “IN THE MIX TO BECOME PART OF THE NINER EMPIRE”!