Jeffrey Wilson, RB, North Texas - UDFA

Height: 6-0   

Weight: 208 

40 Low: 4.52   40 Time: 4.60  40 High: 4.68 

One of the reasons I don’t look at the revues of players by others before I watch highlights is so not to be influenced by what I read. All I’m going to say about Jeffrey Wilson is that he is going to be competitive in the 49ers 2018 camp.

I was told about Wilson prior to watching his highlights, but just took the observation for what it was worth, which is what I refuse to do before you watch Wilson’s highlights. I’ve left the video below for you. We can talk about him on either Red & Gold Radio during the week, or on the Sunday evenings show on Youtube. 

I’ll just say this much about Wilson. He is coming off of a 2017 season foot injury. You can draw your own conclusions about that fact after you view the video.