49ers Being Ignored In Week One Hype

49ers Being Ignored In Week One Hype

Written on 09/08/2018
Ronbo Sports

It’s tough watching the opening week hype on the sports networks. The 49ers were drawing more positive attention immediately after the Super Bowl. Now the 49ers triumphant end to last season has been pretty much forgotten and it’s the return of complete disrespect. 

The Jimmy Garoppolo’s wins are to small of a sample to draw any conclusions from is now set in concrete.  

The NFL network has a new feature where they pick “the lock to win” games for the week. Terrell Davis offered the Vikings. As he put it. He can see no reason to believe the 49ers would go into US Bank Stadium, and beat the Vikings.

There’s more… I have this thing about the Kansas City Chiefs being a contender. Cynthia Frelund and her analytics has determined that the Super Bowl this year will pit the Chiefs vs Rams. She has also determined that the 49ers will be an 8-8 team. This is the same woman who a few months ago was doing a segment on teams that had the potential to go from worst to first. The 49ers were one of the teams she chose. 

Our very own local beat writer Matt Maiocco has went along with the 8-8 bunch as well. He said that a few days before Jerick McKinnon’s injury too. 

At least with GMFB Nate Burleson there is no need to expect anything but trashing the 49ers. you can go make a sandwich or something when the camera locks on him.

What is really interesting is that Chris Sims used to be one of the biggest 49ers critics in the industry. Now that his good friend Kyle Shanahan is running the club he’s a 49ers guardian amongst media people! 

The worst has to be Bucky Brooks. Top honors for trashing the 49ers has to be between Bucky, Terrell Owens, Nate Burleson, and Michael Robinson. 

We at least have one network guy other than GMFB Peter Schrager who maintains some polite standard for the 49ers, and that is Daniel Jeremiah. When he and Bucky B get together on the “Move The Sticks” production 49ers fans can expect something resembling respect.

Not to worry. This will be the year when the 49ers are mentioned in a brighter light. Hang in there…