This Monday Night At Lambeau

This Monday Night At Lambeau

Written on 10/14/2018
Ronbo Sports

So much is being made about the history between the 49ers and Packers within the past few years.  That could be because this game lacks the real potential to measure up to it’s most recent meetings of the past. It’s not all about the 49ers depleted roster either. 

The fact that a close watch is being kept on the progress of Aaron Rodgers knee is telling. We’re hearing about Rodgers magic, and how he can take teams apart yada, yada, yada, but the fact is Rodgers magic and all was just soundly beaten by the Lions of whom two years ago wouldn’t have been capable of touching the Aaron Rodgers led Packers. 

There is a lot of pretense surrounding this game that makes it seem as if the elephant in the room is that this game isn’t worth all the attention that Lambeau field, the tradition, and first ballot Aaron Rodgers is getting.

The truth is the 49ers are limping into Green Bay with way to many of their offensive headliners either missing, or currently injured. 

Matt Breida, the 49ers biggest offensive weapon is a game time decision. Nobody is certain as to how much C.J. Beathard has learned since last Sunday. 

The only thing that is certain is that George Kittle has had enough teasing by the media, and those who like to kick a team when it’s down. 

Oh and there seems to be a lot of excitement about playing in Green Bay by several of the 49ers that seem possibly excited by the wrong stimulus.

The 49ers need to win this game. To treat the whole experience similar to a trip to Disneyland is worrisome. 

To be clear the Packers do not appear to be on the path to the Super Bowl. The only people who can name all the players on the Packers defensive secondary, and wide receiver core is the coaching staff, and that is mainly because the players I’m talking about are wearing name tags. Aaron calls them names I believe, but none that should be mentioned here.

In fact Aaron Rodgers has already called his weapons out this year. 

The Packers have turned in one dominating performance this season, and that was against the Bills. They escaped the Bears by coming from behind to win by a point. The Pack also struggled from behind all game long and finally caught a Vikings team that is a now you see them, now you don’t team week after week. Most recently they had no defensive answer for the Lions of whom are now equal to the Packers in wins. They ran out of those come from behind miracles in the fourth against Detroit.

The bottom line in this game is that neither team has been impressive of late. Truth may be more accurately told by calling this game a tossup. The Packers beating the 49ers by ten is a stretch, and if it does happen some questions will need to be answered.