49ers vs Giants Week 10 Preview

49ers vs Giants Week 10 Preview

Written on 11/12/2018
Ronbo Sports

49ers fans still have every right to be fearful for at least another week. Nick Mullens looked the part, and played the part like at least a 3 year pro would have against the Raiders. When was the last time a quarterback walked off the field with a 151.9  passer rating? In Mullens debut as a starter he is ranked as the top QB of the week, not to even mention one of the greatest QB debuts in the history of the game. 16 of 22 for 262 yards 3 TD’s. A by product of Nick’s wrath was the resurrection Pierre Garçon’s career all in one Thursday evening performance. Garcon walks into the end zone for a score for the first time in 2 seasons!

We were watching George Kittle making one handed catches. Kendrick Bourne continues to be a red zone killer embarrassing all attempts to cover him. Meanwhile Richie James knows to never, ever drop a pass that Nick Mullens puts right on the money! Did you see that display of anger from Nick on that drop?

When it’s said that the 49ers receivers can’t gain separation, that is inaccurate. My thinking that it has all the world to do with the quarterback as to how well a receiver can gain separation has been confirmed. 

Last season when Jimmy G arrived the same thing occurred. All of a sudden every receiver on the team was raking in one reception after another.

Just like Jimmy’s arrival from a year ago Nick Mullens has learned from Garoppolo. scan, read quickly, make a decision, and fire that ball. The lightening quick release of Mullens will work all day in the NFL. 49ers receivers were coming out of their routes and the ball was on target and waiting for them as they looked up. That is the definition of a QB making everybody around him better.

The Raiders defense never knew what hit them. 

Shanahan is also working with a QB that apparently knows the playbook as well as he does, as he even admitted. Mullens was actually annoyed with Shanahan in his ear during the course of the game. Mullens is so focused that he doesn’t even appreciate Shanahan in his head when he is running the offense.

I am thoroughly amazed with the second year Mullens.

I have a feeling we will continue to see Niners receivers running wide open, and Nick making veteran like decisions to hit the right options. This game versus the Giants will better spotlight whether Mullens is for real as the Giants aren’t a lot better, but they are a substantial upgrade over the Raiders

Also, again the defense is seemingly fired up and playing above what we’ve been watching so far this year. When was the last season we witnessed the 49ers defense taking down an opposing quarterback down 8 times in a single game! I don’t care if it was the Raiders, 8 times?! No matter how poor the Raiders are they’re still a pro team. The defense has to be evolving. 

If Dekoda Watson is going to continue to be the missing element to ignite the 49ers defensive rush, it can be expected that the 49ers could be more impressive this week than they were last Thursday. They’ve had a lot more time to polish up their game, and cohesion than they did with but a couple of days to prepare as they did last Thursday.

Prediction: 49ers win 38-20