How To Zoom In

How To Zoom In

Written on 07/13/2017
Ronbo Sports

What You Need
1) A mobile device (phone, tablet, iPad).
2) A set of earbuds (please do not use wireless headphone).
3) Download ZOOM Cloud Meetings app. 



Once the Zoom app is open, you can choose to Sign In with your Google or Facebook account.


1. Select the "Settings" tab  
2. Select "Meeting" (iOS user: select "Meetings")
3. Turn on "Auto Connect Device Audio" (iOS user select: "Auto Connect Audio") 


Find the latest live show, and to enter show tap “HERE” (the invitation link also will change weekly)


Audio options: iOS select "Call using Internet Audio", Android select "Call via Device Audio"


If someone else is speaking and you have a question or comment tap “Raise Hand”

Tips & Tricks
Please be in as quiet an area as you can be in. Surrounding noise will distort, and cancel out you audio.
• Don't monitor yourself on any other device during the show as it causes incredible feedback! You can re-watch yourself just a few minutes after the broadcast ends. 


If Audio Is Not Working On IOS

1. Please go to "Settings>>Zoom" and ensure that Zoom has access to your microphone


2. Please ensure that no other applications are using the microphone at the same time. You can check which applications are currently running by double tapping the "Home" button . To close the application, please swipe up.  

3. Please restart your iOS device.

If Audio Is Not Working On Android

1. Please ensure that you have connected your microphone to the meeting


2. Please ensure that you have given Zoom the privilege to use your microphone under "Settings>>Application Manager>>Zoom". If this has not been set, please reinstall from the Play Store.


3. Please ensure that no other applications are currently using your Microphone. You can see currently running applications by holding the Android "Home" button. These applications can be closed by swiping right.

4. Please restart your Android device.