Ronbo Sports "Red & Gold Radio"

Ronbo Sports "Red & Gold Radio"

Written on 06/28/2018
Ronbo Sports

Niner fam! Ronbo Sports Bout to finally fire up the mic with a weekly show, Mon-Tue & Thu-Fri 6:00 PM Pacific Time, live for 49ers perspectives and observations on the current state of the Red & Gold! I'll also be looking for your phone calls!

Listen Live: 

Listen Rebroadcast Show: 

Free call: 650-524-5296

International Access:  

PIN: 56388

Please either eliminate the source of noise, i.e. nearby computer running content, television, etc, and please turn the volume all the way down on your radio when calling in. The show will be recorded, and played back for you listening pleasure a few hours later fam! Don’t worry, and looking forward to talking more 49ers football with you!