09/07/17 - Ronbo Sports Radio

09/07/17 - Ronbo Sports Radio

This year, things will be different as, Carlos Hyde will be taking the bell off of his neck and will have some support. Carlos himself told everybody today, he and rookie Matt Breida would share the load when it comes to running the football, and it sounds like he is completely on board with the notion too! El guapo is quoted saying "Matt's going to be a big part of this offense, He has a lot of speed. He has a lot of talent that the coaches can utilize. We go together good like a thunder and lightning combo. So, he'll be used just as much as I'm being used so it will be good for us. We keep each other fresh and tear the season up.” It seems now that both players know the 2017 plan. We’re discussing this, and much more on this Thursday Sept 7 Red & Gold Radio.

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