09/08/17 - Ronbo Sports Radio

09/08/17 - Ronbo Sports Radio


Carlos Hyde warns skeptics to know, that they better not Sleep on the 49ers. What is going on in Santa Clara to provoke Carlos into such rhetoric? The fresh blood in the building has produced a rejuvenated confidence within the 49ers locker room. Shanahan is shinning as a leader! Carlos, now on his fourth coaching staff, sees Shanahan’s guidance setting up the 49ers franchise for success. Carlos is quoted saying, “If you look at the previous years we’ve had, I definitely see teams (saying) ‘we’re going to get the win, easy, but we’re definitely going to shock people. They can think whatever they want.” We are less than 48hours from the season opening week 1 game on the the 2017 schedule. The 49ers seem as ready to go as the fanbase under Kyle Shanahan’s leadership. Some of us are calling the touchdown count and who will be delivering them, right along with the points expected to be scored! How many sacks can be expected? Are the 49ers going to win this game? We’re discussing this, and so much more on this Friday Sep 9 on Red & Gold Radio.

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