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[Video] Jimmy Garoppolo Critics See Aaron Rodgers In The 49ers Future

One of the reasons 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo has to be in a big hurry to resume to the 2020 season is to address the hate about his Super Bowl LIV ending. One thing that remains consistently clear is that Jimmy’s teammates haven’t wavered on their support of him. Kyle Shanahan & John Lynch have doubled down on their commitment toward Garoppolo. Meanwhile, suddenly the talking heads of the NFL are suggesting that Aaron Rodgers is going to succeed where Tom Brady couldn’t, and that is push the Niners front office to sign Rodgers in 2021 as his contract expires at the end of the 2020 season.

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[Video] 49ers Talents That Will Emerge Big In 2020

Since John Lynch, and Kyle Shanahan arrived in Santa Clara their administration, and staff have been brilliant in drafting talents applicable to what fits the 49ers on both offense and defense. When you also consider the un - drafted free agent contributors that have been a surprising every year since 2017 there is no reason to not believe that the 2020 season will be any different as far as pleasant surprises goes! Today, regular call in guest on the weekly live programs, and Niner faithful "Indian Boy" joins #Ronbosports to discuss who he predicts to have a huge year for the Niners.

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[Video] Dee Ford Is Key To 49ers 2020 Defensive Success

The 49ers defensive front is capable of overpowering any offensive line in the NFL. That was the case for most of the 2019 season. That dominating defense was without pro bowl Dee Ford for half the season. Ford has had a procedure done on his knee that may allow him to be "the real Dee Ford" next season. If that happens the Niners front of 2020 could establish new heroic names that have the potential of going down on the list that includes some of the greatest 49ers defenses of all time. Niner faithful Kevin, of whom proudly boast being a member of a family that dates back several generations of 49ers support dating back 60years is the special guest this week. Kevin joins Ronbo Sports to discuss the potential of the 2020 49ers defense and much more.

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