How I Found Ronbo

How I Found Ronbo

Written on 01/19/2018
Salvador R


2 year listener first time caller but couldn’t get through and first time writing on the board as well, im a daily listener to what everyone comments on… wanted to Express the love for Ronbo and the passion you have to do this and express what you do for the 49ers as well.

I came across you while browsing for film on YouTube and getting into depth with players and those type if things, you came up as a suggested video… I remember clicking and it was a 49er fan dressed to the teeth and from that day on I’ve never looked back!

Thank you for making all this that you do for us ON HERE. it means a lot to have the love you show for the site and the listeners.

Salvador R!


To hear from my brother 49ers fam is one thing but this kind of display of appreciation hits the heart I sincerely appreciate the kind words. Thanks so much. We will ride this tide to Niners success for the next few years is my guess fam. Jimmy G and the 49ers are about to get busy! Ok, I don’t know why you’re having problem calling in though. Is the phone no. and pin no. not working for you or whats going on with that? Explain a bit of what the problem is so we can get you on to join us.