Why Franchise Tag Jimmy G?

Why Franchise Tag Jimmy G?

Written on 01/27/2018
Bryant Culp


Jimmy Garoppolo is a rookie back up qb . He has been in the league for 4 years. 3-4 years his team the Patriots has made it to the SB. In 2016 he got a opportunity to start in place of suspended starting QB Tom Brady. As long as Brady healthy he is going to start. He has the support of the team owner ( Robert Kraft). 

In Jimmy G two game starts he was undefeated 2-0. He was injured late in the 2nd game that caused him to return to the sidelines. During his brief start he completed 43 passes, attempted 63 passes completion 68.25 % 502 yards and 4 TD’s 0 interception overall rating 113.3 . In two games those are nice numbers!  

After Tom Brady suspension he returned to the starting lineup. 

Tom, and Jimmy share agents ( Don Yee and Dubin Sports ). With Jimmy G rookie contract coming to a end and with how he played with the Niners it's now time to talk contract. 

You cannot have a agent representing both your starting and your back up QB on the  roster. Tom doesn’t want to leave. You can't pay your back up more then your starter. .That argument started in the Patriots organization and created a solution in a trade. 

Jimmy G is now a Forty Niner! He's been traded at the end of his rookie contract. The 49ers and Jimmy now will decide on a long-term deal or franchise tag. 

Jimmy was traded in the middle of the year. He started the last five games and helped the 49ers win five straight in a row to end the season. 

Jimmy stats with the Niners.  He completed 120 passes, attempted 178 his completion 67.4 % 1560 yards 7 TD’s with a overall rating 96.2 .Jimmy G is now 7-0 as a career starter.

 Winning helps. Wins change the spirit of everyone. Jimmy G definitely changed the spirit of the Niners.  

Garoppolo has a bright future. He has everything that says super star in the making. This guy needs to be signed asap.

We still have to ask questions. What is this player’s potential? What is it with the Niners?  Is he comparable to anyone else?  Who else is an option?  Do we have to sign him immediately?  What does the player want?  Finally, what is his agent asking for? It all comes down to his agent.  Niners should be prepared to franchise tag Jimmy G.  He will be a a Niner next season! 49ers should offer the franchise tag .  A  28 million make it or break it year. A long term contract should be addressed asap!  The 49ers need to control the signing of Jimmy G. 

The 49ers should be prepared to offer a long-term deal. A deal that they control not the agent. The 49ers don't need to over pay or under pay Jimmy G.  The 49ers are a team that plans on winning the SB every year! Jimmy wants to be a part of that. In San Francisco he gets to start. This is his team if he wants it. 

Tom Brady and Jimmy Garoppolo's agent created a situation where someone must go. Jimmy is now a Niner because the team got lucky!

Franchise tag him, or sign him long-term.  You can't say really what's better. Either way he could get injured, or maybe worse,  turn into another Tom Brady Patriot back up. Jimmy’s not going anywhere. John and Kyle are working on it. We now have hope we can believe in. 

Bryant Culp

Twitter: @BryantCulp3