Corey Griffin, FS, Georgia Tech - UDFA

Height: 6-1  

Weight: 204 

40 Low: 4.50 40 Time: 4.58 40 High: 4.68 

The players we’re going to see in camp this year are going to wow teams that we play during preseason scrimmages. The skill level of some of our guys is not that player that you would look at as a kid that is being given a second shot. When the 49ers release them they will end up on other clubs, and do fine because of the excessive talents in Santa Clara. 

If I were a GM I would never let my own scouting crew know it but I would be keeping an eye on the 49ers. Other teams are going to take advantage of “the talented 49ers throw aways” in a couple of months, and they ought to be charged. 

Corey Griffins has nice instincts for the ball and you talk about solid on run support. The conversation will never come up about softness with this one.