The 49ers Continue In The Customary Underdog Role

The 49ers Continue In The Customary Underdog Role

Written on 09/04/2018
Ronbo Sports


I just went over the Vikings injury report, and not a player will be out for the season opener. I found that somewhat disturbing. 

However the 49ers weren’t healthy all of last season, and they still competed with the best, and won as soon as Jimmy Garoppolo got off the plane at SFO.

There is something to be said about the resilience of the next generation 49ers. The team was so tired of losing by small margins that they suddenly came out of bag, tasted victory, and enjoyed the sweet treat to the point that there motivated toward achievment.

Losing is no longer acceptable in Santa Clara as it was in 2015 and 2016. 

As a 49ers fan never let the truth get in the way of being faithful! 

Sure the Vikings are a wrecking machine on defense. Yes they absolutely have plenty of weapons. Murray, and Cook make for an extremely talented backfield. Thielen, Treadwell, Diggs and the depth are decent as well.

They’ve replaced Case Keenum with kirk Cousins who has averaged over 4000 yards of passing a year pretty much every season while in Washington. By all measures the Vikings are the better football team, and are at home.

As 49ers fans a lot of us believe this game is ok to lose, and has been accepted by many already as a done deal. 

But then… Even I who never believes the 49ers are going to lose a contest remember finally giving into the clear doom of playing the Jags back in December of 2017. The odds were so stacked against the 49ers it was ridiculous. For over 3 quarters I sat in shock, and admiration. That day I came to realize that first Kyle Shanahan is pure genius when it comes to this game of football. Next Jimmy Garoppolo is the complete freak and there is no stage in the NFL that he can’t work in. He has the elusive “it factor” For a quarterback that is epitome. 

One thing I do hang my hat on is the character of this next generation 49ers team. Marquise Goodwin as morphed into a game changer. There is no one, especially Trae Waynes who can stop Quise. Yes Xavier Rhodes may lock Garçon up. Rhodes has seen Garçon before, and knows what he likes to do and how he goes about doing it. What if suddenly Rhodes is lined up across from Dante Pettis? I assure you he will be fooled. Pettis is another freak that Rhodes wouldn’t have a prayer covering for the first time he sees him. I’m sure Shanahan is way ahead of me on that one. One of the things I feel sure about is the usage of the unknown will be utilized in this game to keep the Viking defense confused. 

Kirk Cousins is not a talent above Jimmy G. Cousins may harbor some resentment however that the 49ers, and his old coach did not wait him out. Cousins will be bringing his best game. Keep in mind Richard Sherman is very familiar with him. If he comes at Sherman, he’ll pay, and he no doubt knows it too. I’ve a feeling that Witherspoon is ready but I need to see more from him before designating the 49ers secondary “a no fly zone” It has the potential. Colbert is legit, and has the capability, and speed to erase. 

In fact that secondary is why this year we’ll notice a pass rush for the first time in a very long time. The QB’s the 49ers face this year won’t be able to just fire downfield knowing the 49ers secondary can do nothing about it. That will give the front line rush a second or second or so more than they’ve had to work with for the past 3 years.

Getting back to the offense, I do appreciate Alfred Morris and his extremely polished running. I’m looking for special things from him in the weeks ahead. Him and Breida could be the perfect combo. We’ll have to wait and see on that.

Jimmy Garoppolo is the definition of “that it factor” I believe he thrives under pressure from watching his play from last season. he led he 49ers out of some tough jams that I still don’t believe. This kid is just a winner period.

I’m thinking that him hearing that the Vikings are going to win is pissing him off that is being assumed.

What we have learned about Garoppolo is enough to know not to be surprised if he slices up that Viking defense like he does everybody else.