49ers Players Don’t Want To See Jimmy’s Win Streak End

49ers Players Don’t Want To See Jimmy’s Win Streak End

Written on 09/06/2018
Ronbo Sports

Can you imagine how much each, and every member of the 49ers locker room does not want to be directly responsible for Jimmy Garoppolo’s first career loss?

Think about that for a moment. As a 49ers player you’re thinking if you fumble, drop a pass, commit a ridiculous infraction that draws a flag, the spotlight of shame will shine right on your face of fault.

I’m hoping the 49ers aren’t individually consumed with being perfect. Playing hard, and focused usually means an element of relaxed is also necessary. Tightness could become a factor which will lead to mistakes.

Fortunately one thing that the 49ers do very well this season is keep a continuous comical atmosphere within the ranks. Those Mike McGlinchey concerts we’ve heard about are all that is needed to loosen things up.The 49ers could hold classes on how to hang loose this season.

The current team demeanor could be stemming from a confidence that may have been built last year during the season ending five game win streak.

The 49ers have enough poised and polished Vets in position who know when to blow the whistle on the recreation. 

Of the most dependable according to reputation the players that  most likely won’t make a boneheaded mistake are Alfred Morris, Kyle Juszczyk, Joe Staley, and I would have to add Mike Person to the list as well. Pierre Garçon, rarely gets flagged, fumbles, or drops a pass. 

Defensively, hopefully Richard Sherman who has vowed publicly not to change his tackling style won’t draw a dare from any officials who may have caught that sentiment from Sherman. They may have taken that as a bad attitude display, and birddog Sherman all game long. Ahkello Witherspoon does a good job of avoiding the “PI”.  This year the infractions beyond 5 yards that were so frequent last season should be minimal. 

Meanwhile K’Waun Williams doesn’t get enough credit for how effective he is in the slot. The only potential problem I can see with Adrian Colbert, is out of control rage that could draw a flag. However, nobody wants to see Colbert calm down.

The front seven with discipline issues? Nah, and in fact the 49ers defense could be the main reason the 49ers win this game in spite of having what could be a potent offense.