Can Shanahan Adjust The 49ers Offense Sans McKinnon Within A Week’s Time?

Can Shanahan Adjust The 49ers Offense Sans McKinnon Within A Week’s Time?

Written on 09/07/2018
Ronbo Sports

What is heartbreaking is that Kyle had exactly what he wanted in Jerick McKinnon. What is worrisome is can he adjust the offense within such a short amount of time?

You figure the lean toward McKinnon can be compensated for by Alfred Morris and Matt Breida, and most likely at a high level.

Time is the hurdle for Shanahan. Fortunately remembering Morris’s background is comforting knowing he can be brought up to speed on verbiage and some of the things he mentioned of not knowing in an interview a few days ago with relative ease. Matt Breida of course will be fine as well. I understand they are both hitting each other up with endless questions.

The run game has to be established to at least some degree for Kyle to utilize play action as he loves to do. Shanahan runs the bulk of his offensive plays out of play action. We didn’t see a lot of that  when Jimmy G was under center due to the offensive staying as “vanilla” as can be. The flavors will be added this Sunday for sure.

My guess is that Shanny won’t get too cute with the passing game in regards to the running backs. Also which ever gets hot on the ground and pound will get the bulk of the load. The 49ers receivers can still create the mismatches in the middle of the field that Shanahan wanted to use for Jerick. Trent Taylor’s workload will probably increase from wherever it was.  “Juice” who will be lining up in the backfield is not  a huge mystery for the defense because everybody is fully aware of his talent for getting open on pass routes.

The great thing about the 49ers receiving corp is that the versatility is endless.. 

I do hope Kyle trust Breida on some of his “would Be” play calls for McKinnon. Hopefully he doesn’t feel so ingratiating this season, and go ahead and feel at home to Kick ass. Now that Matt is in his second year he need not any longer feel any subservience. Truth is he is the senior back for this team since he is the only back with any minutes from last season.

I’m certainly delighted Kittle is back in action. He will be utilized a lot I have a feeling.