49ers vs Vikings Recap

49ers vs Vikings Recap

Written on 09/10/2018
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The most aggravating issue regarding the 49ers vs Vikings will be a theme for the 2018 season. The 49ers are most likely looking at each other and saying "we’re better than that".

The 49ers are a young team that will need some time to settle down. The moments that stood out the most in this game were players that aren’t even approaching 30 years old.

The biggest finger will be pointed toward the missed touchdowns. The dropped passes outside of those in the end zone have already been forgotten.

George Kittle was having an outstanding game. Kittle was the main player sustaining the offense shortly after  Marquise Goodwin exited the game with a quad injury suffered while attempting to block on a run play. 

George was also credited with a drop that was a sure touch down. As Kittle was making his way downfield, and somehow all alone, when Jimmy Garoppolo hit him with a perfect pass that he bobbled to the ground. 

The play that followed may have been the results of Jimmy G’s frustration as he was picked off for six going in the opposite direction.

Pierre Garçon, and Dante Pettis also missed sure touchdowns in the end zone by not securing catches that were briefly in their hands. Pettis however atoned for his error by making his next chance in the end zone for six.

The disappointments included Alfred Morris’s failure to punch the ball in from a placement of half the distance to the gold.

If you add up the points the 49ers had control of, but didn’t cash in, they would add up to 28. The 49ers lost 24 to 16.

The defense had it’s faults in this game but the now famous “bend, but don’t break“ term can be applied to their efforts against the Vikings. 

The 49ers defense was only responsible for 17 of the highly regarded Vikings offensive points. However, if the defense did have something to complain about it was there inability to tackle cleanly. Lattavius Murray and Dalvin Cook ran too easily through weak tackles all game long to the tune of 116 yards.

The best defensive player of the day was Fred Warner who led the team with 12 tackles on the day. Right behind him was Deforest Buckner who started the 2018 season with 2 1/2 sacks.

Buckner can thank Richard Sherman and the secondary for the solid coverage they provided that prompted hesitation by quarterback Kirk Cousins. The hesitation was all that Buckner needed to allow him to get his hands on Cousins.

The thing to note on the Vikings game is that the defense which was a cause for concern outplayed the 49ers offense.

The 49ers committed quite a number of mistakes that are correctible however and should be better prepared next week vs the Lions game which comes up next Sunday.