A 49ers Loss That Yields Benefits

A 49ers Loss That Yields Benefits

Written on 09/11/2018
Ronbo Sports


There was such urgency by so many to see Jimmy Garoppolo finally fail, that there had to be a bit of disappointment in the 49ers continued involvement in that game all the way into the closing minutes of the final quarter. 

The 49ers were so disrespected coming into this contest that there were those who predicted a double digit victory for the Vikings. Unfortunately for the 49ers however the spread was covered. 

What is disturbing is that the Vikings praise was a bit out of proportion. If the omnipotent Vikings defense warranted all that praise for beating the 49ers some glaring truths still linger. The 49ers committed a number of serious turnovers in, and around the end zone that the Vikings heralded defense had nothing to do with. 

If the 49ers unforced errors don’t happen, and the young team fully executes even on just a couple of mistakes the Vikings lose, Kirk Cousins and all. The media with the exception of a few don’t care to mention all of the facts in order to not tarnish the predicted win. The 49ers winning would have embarrassed a huge contingent of so called experts.

As 49ers fans we’ve all gotten over the debacle and can appreciate the loss at this early stage as a stepping stone towards a better season.

Every player in the locker room with the exception of Fred Warner, Deforest Buckner, Richard Sherman, Ronald Blair Jr, and Elijah Lee, are most likely feeling that they could have done more to secure an opening day win.

Mike McGlinchey was quoted after the game saying that they (the 49ers) were “much more capable than they showed”.

Tony called into the Monday night program on Youtube and pointed out what can easily be believed.

The 49ers came into that game believing in themselves no doubt about that. What they all did was strive for perfection which may have been to intense as far as that aspect of their preparation was concerned. 

You could see it in Garoppolo at times during the game. When Jimmy G is on his game the ball is coming out lightning quick, and extremely accurate with machine like efficiency. What we saw in jimmy G appeared to be way to much thinking during some plays, and the ball sailing on him a few times. The touchdown Jimmy missed to George Kittle just a a few yards from the back of the end zone was something nobody who’s every saw Jimmy play would have believed.

In watching the game we saw the 49ers play much better football in the second half of the Vikings game which does indeed support the theory of the 49ers coming into the contest completely unrelaxed.

Many of the 49ers evaluated the teams performance and it was clear they learned a lot from the loss. 

If the 49ers had to play such a poor game, this was the right time to do so. They’re catching it for losing, but in truth the Vikings winning 24-16 in reality is nothing for the 49ers to be ashamed of. How they lost is, and they know it more than anybody. We can look forward to better efficiency going forward by the 49ers.