Shanahan’s “Constant Cool”

Shanahan’s “Constant Cool”

Written on 09/20/2018
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Shanahan is not a “Bud Grant” kind of stoic on the sidelines. In fact you can clearly tell when he is annoyed. In fact, we’ve not witnessed a game yet when Shanahan hasn’t  given the refs a few angry moments.

Do do you get the feeling during his pressers that Kyle Shanahan knows something nobody else does? He wears this demeanor, during the media questioning as if he knows a secret. 

Some of the questions he side steps,  but with such a swag the cool is still locked in place. 

Could it be that all he ever needed was a “franchise quarterback”? 

Lets look at a list of things that you and I would have crumbled under, that Shanahan seems unfazed by.

  • One week before the season opener versus the Vikings Shanahan loses Jerick McKinnon, who he believes is the ideal running back for his offensive system 
  • Malcolm Smith’s hamstring injury refuses to heal enough for him to participate. The 49ers are forced to start rookie Fred Warner in the veteran’s place who of course is no slouch, but he is a rookie. Shanahan  makes do with Brock Coyle to man the position with the rookie Warner, as Foster serves game one of a two game suspension.
  • 49ers two top right guards go down in game one vs the Vikings, causing the adjustment to move rookie right tackle Mike McGlinchey  to shift to right guard. He’s never played right guard before.
  • The 49ers most prolific wide receiver Marquise Goodwin goes down with a deep thigh bruise in the Vikings game early in the first half.

There have been more issues, and yes it’s all part of life in the NFL. Winning a championship in the league depends heavily upon which team survives the season. 

Still the patience, cool, and seemingly unwavering confidence, Shanahan continues to exude a “lord like presence”.

This week the added confidence could involve the return of potential all pro linebacker Reuben Foster. Maybe Shanny is as excited as we are about that. Foster will make a difference.

Also, could it be that with the depth the 49ers possess, that with the exception of quarterback, and to a degree the offensive line of which if more than one starter goes down it could mean disaster is gold mine rich?

Meanwhile,Fred Warner and Donte Pettis are draft pick home runs who have played since game one.

Then again, that Shanahan comfort could also be stemming from having what suddenly appears to be exactly the right running back for his famous system.  However, I could be wrong about that.  Shanahan and his running backs coach Bobby Turner are known for developing running backs with no name. Breida’s accomplishments may have been anticipated. Matt Brieda seems a whole lot different than last season. 

Breida leads the NFL in rushing yards after the first two games, and that accolade is being achieved behind an offensive line that albeit good, but still getting to know each other.  

Maybe Kyle is also feeling all warm, and fuzzy because his offensive aerial attack will be fully on track with a full arsenal to include Marquise Goodwin this Sunday. 

Shanahan is also most likely chomping at the bit to cut loose an offensive game plan on one of the leagues weakest defenses that he knows he can have a lot of fun with.

I guess when you consider all things in the 49ers future, Shanahan should be carrying a surplus of swag…