The 49ers vs Chiefs Is Betting Trap

The 49ers vs Chiefs Is Betting Trap

Written on 09/21/2018
Ronbo Sports

The public has become infatuated with the Chiefs to the point that they aren’t paying any attention to the circumstances surrounding the Chiefs wins. 

The point spread is currently at 6.5 points favoring the Chiefs. It’s one of the most popular bets of the week in Vegas according to reports from

If the Chiefs defense resembled anything like the Vikings maybe this would make sense. The Chiefs have exactly the kind of defense that the 49ers will maul. 

The interesting thing about the perspective on this contest is that between the two teams the 49ers have the better defense. If you look at what has taken place so far, Tyreek Hill added a couple of touchdowns and rolled up 169 yards in game one vs the Chargers. 

In game two vs the Steelers the fly route king Hill was held to 90 yards. The Chiefs outlasted the Steelers with one of the worst defensive efforts of the season so far.

Kyle Shanahan has enough talent to launch a solid offensive against a Chiefs defense that pales in comparison to the Vikings and possibly the Lions who have a secondary that is not that bad.

It’s pure folly to believe a coach like Kyle Shanahan with a quarterback like Jimmy Garoppolo won’t take advantage of that porous Chiefs defense, and in insane fashion. 

Sure, the Chiefs will get theirs against the 49ers but continuing that 40ppg average for a third week in a row is expecting a bit much. You add to that fact that the Chiefs are not going to stop the 49ers from scoring this is a sucker bet that Vegas will clean up on. The Chiefs aren’t going to cover that spread.

Sure, the Chiefs have a chance to win this game, but a full perspective of this game does not reveal an easy win. The Chiefs escaped the Steelers, and that may have had more to do with the Antonio Brown drama on the sidelines than it did the Chiefs.

Also the 49ers are progressing offensively as they get more comfortable with each other in Kyles offense. 

My bottom line. Don’t take that bet unless you’re taking the 49ers to kill that spread. It’s going to take some 49ers mistakes similar to what we saw against the Vikings for KC to cover.