49ers vs Chiefs Preview

49ers vs Chiefs Preview

Written on 09/23/2018
Ronbo Sports

No matter how much the 49ers collect one insult after another since the 2015 season there is no way to build up an immunity to that abuse, It’s still annoying. 

It’s as if everybody outside the walls of the Niner Empire are delighted to see the quarterback that was perceived as overhyped struggle. The Jimmy G hate is expanding due to 49ers fans being delighted with having a legit franchise quarterback. 

The 49ers are rolling into Kansas City just in time to endure a hype that is currently dwarfing the attention Jimmy Garoppolo was receiving prior to week one.

My guess is that there will be Patrick Mahomes billboards lining the roads and highways as the team rides into town from the airport to their Kansas City hotel.

That kind of publicity is exactly what 49ers fans should support. If by some bizarre chance the 49ers weren’t really in a mood to play they will be now. Nothing is more inspiring than to be made to feel inferior especially with the way the 49ers are assembled nowadays. The days of no talent are history 

What is really interesting is how not many are concerned with the Chiefs inability to slow down their opponents. 

Do you know which team is the worst in the league defensively? Statistics

How does being dead last in any category fetch such praise?

If I said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times. Any team that struggles defensively will be meat versus Kyle Shanahan and Jimmy Garoppolo. Teams with good defenses struggle against shanahan.

Fantasy networks are recommending Jimmy Garoppolo, Matt Breida, George Kittle, and Dante Pettis. That is a lot of 49ers. Let the disrespect roll on in because that volume of recommendations from the 49ers roster is telling. They left Garçon off the list. Garcon is picking up momentum with Jimmy G, and can also be expected to have a good day as well.

I do have one anxiety however. Normally when the status of a given player is listed as questionable he more than likely is going to play. The NFL network has a reporter stationed in Santa Clara. She just reported that Marquise Goodwin may be held out of play for another week due to that deep bruise to his quad that is apparently lingering into week three. Injury Report

The 49ers may have adjusted a bit to Goodwin missing, but he is sorely needed vs the Chiefs. The fear he brings to opposing defenses has a domino effect that makes the entire offense better. We’ll see. For now it’s a game time decision. Kyle may not dial up any plays for Quise should he play, but Quise could be used as a decoy. That may be enough to cause a panic the 49ers can use to benefit the offensive attack. We’ll wait and see.

The biggest story may still be the defense in this particular contest. 

How much will Reuben foster’s return influence the rest of the 49ers to bring a tougher game? The 49ers have been ranked as the worst tackling team in the NFL. I had no idea that they even kept track of such a stat. I do know that only since Reuben has been missing that the tenderness towards tackling was noticeable as it currently has been.  

What’s even more intriguing is Malcolm Smith has decided to come out of retirement and join the 49ers vs the Chiefs. The 49ers have went from scraping at the linebacker position  to being so abundant that there will be talent on the bench at times. 

I do feel confident that the 49ers are more than ready for the Chiefs. Offensively I know they are. I’m looking to see a lot of Kansas City feelings about to be hurt in a few hours. 49ers win this one 31 - 24.