Solid 49ers Run Game Will Support Beathard

Solid 49ers Run Game Will Support Beathard

Written on 09/25/2018
Ronbo Sports


The 49ers evolving run game minus Jerick McKinnon and all, was going to finally make Jimmy Garoppolo unstoppable at some point within this season had he been able to continue. 

That run game remains as Jimmy G starts his path back to good health. 

Meanwhile C.J. Beathard inherits the vacancy left by Jimmy G, and a run game that is growing as the offensive line continues to progress, and solidify.

That is where the offense, even without Jimmy G will continue to thrive. Maybe not at the same high level, but it could be solid.

My guess is that Kyle will strategically incorporate the run to take as much of the offensive responsibility off of C.J. as possible. Sure this is just “the ABC’s” of any offense, but look for the run to become the focal point of the 49ers attack. 

Beathard is no slouch as a quarterback, and is capable of taking full advantage of the opportunities a solid run game can provide.

The only concerns are that of Beathard’s accuracy, and his ability to get the ball out on time. If he can at least hit the meter over halfway in both categories he could be effective. 

George Kittle & Marquise Goodwin should still be productive, and C.J has the added advantage of working well with Taylor, Garçon, Bourne, and Kittle. 

We shouldn’t forget that last year C.J. suffered due more to being a rookie unfamiliar with an offensive plan than he did being a no-talent QB.

C.J’s better understanding of the offense along with a stronger offensive line will also aid him right along with the run game I spoke of earlier. He’ll have a couple of more seconds than he was able to enjoy last season.

There isn’t a lot of faith in C.J. but fans are basing the distrust on last year’s performances. He could easily be a pleasant surprise…

Something else too. The 49ers defense held the high octane Chiefs to 3 points in the second half. Not much is being said about that, but nobody on the Chiefs schedule has achieved that against them in this young season up until this past Sunday. Yes, I know about the first half debacle being due to the 49ers allowing the Chiefs to score at will. The fact remains, that the 49ers are capable of better defending than what we saw in the first half of KC’s scoring bonanza 

The 49ers have a bigger problem than the first half of football in Kansas City however. Ricard Sherman will be out for a couple of weeks. How do the 49ers even attempt to fill Sherman’s role?