Beathard Will Be Better With “Pre-Sharpened Weapons”

Beathard Will Be Better With “Pre-Sharpened Weapons”

Written on 09/28/2018
Ronbo Sports

One thing that can be appreciated in these 49ers times of peril is the fact that C.J. has weapons that have been sharpened for his use since last season, and nearly 3 weeks into this one. 

When you look down Beathard's list of options it’s an exciting role call. You consider the fact that  they’ve all grown, and are still growing in Shanahan’s system. 

That’s a different Kyle Juszczyk nowadays, who’s fully capable in Kyle style football, Also a further evolved Marquise Goodwin. Pierre Garçon is likely warmed up, and ready to roll for real here in week 4. Second year slot receiver Trent Taylor, may be a bigger part of Shanahan’s playbook in the days ahead. Kendrick Bourne who was part of securing both players a position on the roster since last preseason. Also in preseason it seems that C.J. has already become familiar with Dante Pettis. We can’t forget his classmate George Kittle, who aside from some costly drops is coming on to the point that we can depend on him ironing out that ever now and then issue.  Celek time has already been established since C.J. left Jimmy won’t mind if he uses one of his favorite go to guys. All he needs to do is time those shots and get the ball into those playmakers hands.

The best thing that is especially of importance to C.J is the fact that the offensive line is progressing it seems on a weekly basis. 

The run game I’ve already talked about to much. The 2018 season is a different table setting from last year for the struggling rookie from 2017. 

Remember that insane run by C.J. diving into the end zone made versus the Giants last season in the 49ers first win? 

Kyle may have already made clear that only Breida, Morris, and Juszczyk are on the list of guys allowed to run at a hostile wall of defense. Although with the way this year’s offensive line is pushing it may not be nearly as dangerous as it was last season for a quarterback run.

The closer we get to Sunday, the more I’m looking forward to this game!