49ers Tackling Makes Headlines

49ers Tackling Makes Headlines

Written on 09/29/2018
Ronbo Sports

The news of the 49ers tackling in fact was, and still is until they do enough to move it up a grade is an embarrassment. 

It’s ok to say so because even the 49ers are admitting to the fact. The question was asked about what is wrong with the 49ers defense, and Richard Sherman volunteered to handle the question, and answered with two words, “Bad tackling”. 

Most observers who aren’t playing find that hard to imagine. How do you get to this level with “bad tackler” on your resume?

Actually bad tackling is worse than getting beat on a play. When you get beat on a play, or outran by the prey that you’re seeking to take down, there is some sympathy there or at least compassion that you tried your best. If you do catch up to the prey, and attempt to tackle the runner and fail the boos will move the needle on the meter to a deafening loud. Even if a little girl is watching she will have no mercy on watching a grown ass man get ran through, or out of the grasp of a would be tackler. That is just not a good look unless it’s Marshawn Lynch, and then it’s acceptable. Lynch has been known to carry an entire defense into the end zone from 10 -15 yards out, but he’s special.

The 49ers missed 17 tackles last week against the Kansas City Chiefs. They lost the game. Is it a no wonder? 

Since the season started, the 49ers combined total of missed tackles is a mind boggling 43 after 3 weeks of football. They’ve become so good at failing on tackles that according to PFF they actually lead the league in this stat.

That kind of matter has to hurt Robert Saleh’s evaluation if the problem lingers.

Meanwhile Reuben Foster has called himself and his teammates out, calling missed tackles uncalled for. 

Few would disagree. The only thing that is more aggravating to observe is a dropped pass. They’re so close on the aggravation meter that it’s hard to choose between the two.

Everybody will be watching closely this Sunday to see if the 49ers hit double digit figures measuring missed tackles. It’s outrageous especially at the pro level. I’m expecting a huge change vs the Chargers.