49ers vs Chargers Week 4 Preview

49ers vs Chargers Week 4 Preview

Written on 09/30/2018
Ronbo Sports

I enjoy sharing my thoughts with you before the game starts. They’re always going to be glowing red & gold positive projections. Sooner or later I’m going to hit an accurate groove with my assessments too.

Put it this way, Vegas has already put us in a pit below any great expectations whatsoever of competing in this game.  Last season upon the arrival of Jimmy Garoppolo things climbed to heights beyond imagination. That is going to be a tough scenario to equal

However, let me share with you this; Last season the rookie only a few minutes out of Iowa state was cast in the 49ers production entitled “the Dumpsterfire” starring C.J. Beathard. Poor C.J. was cast as the leading man without any credentials. He bravely stepped right up and was butchered, but he never flinched. No rookie should be thrown into situations such as Beathard was last season, but he made some gains from the experience, and hopefully a minimum amount of damage 

My concern at that time was that he would be traumatized, and morph into the next Blaine Gabbert. C.J. has a strength to his character that has allowed him to endure that unfortunate set of circumstances. I believe he has honed his craft over the past year after being banished backstage and away from the bright light that gleamed from the Jimmy G aura. My guess is that he is more than ready now. 

There was a lot to learn for Beathard last season. The harsh judgements being passed on the then rookie quarterback are currently unjustified for sure. 

All one need do is look at the Chicago Bears Mitchell Trubiski to see that no matter where you’re drafted, some young quarterbacks need time to make the transition into the NFL. The best example has to be Patrick Mahomes of whom Andy Reid brought along in textbook fashion. He sat behind a solid vet while being instructed for an entire season. The program wasn’t rushed with Mahomes, and he entered the stage fully groomed. 

I say all that because apparently Kyle Shanahan who seems fully confident in C.J. Beathard this week that things have to be looking good for him to laud praise on the results of practice all week as if C.J. was raising hell.

C.J. has heard about what people are saying about him as he referenced in a comment he made to the media the other day. It sounded as if the doubt has motivated him to a level above where ever he is remembered from last season. People are bringing up the C.J. Beathard from last season as if time stood still after Jimmy G arrived in Santa Clara.

We’ll find out about how much C.J. has evolved this Sunday. As some have said C.J.’s preseason exhibition didn’t bring on any “ooowwwss and aaaahhhss” from his exhibitions but then again there weren’t many things in place for those moments, such as game plan, Shanahan play calling or in most cases he was out there with players auditioning to make the team.

This Sunday we’ll see a C.J. that will most likely be impressive, and hell bent on proving his detractors wrong about his capability.

Chemistry with the rest of the offensive unit shouldn’t be an issue. The reps have been daily since OTA’s

If there is a problem with the 49ers in this game, it won’t be C.J. and the offense.  

The defense is still trying to establish it’s personality which is a confused one. The ability to put pressure on the quarterback is number one. If Phillip Rivers is comfortable in that pocket all day and on every play, he will destroy the 49ers.

One thing we may not have to be concerned with is that Robert Saleh is seriously addressing the tackling problem this week.

Matt Bredia’s current status is questionable and a game time decision. 

If Breida can get the run game that Breida and Morris who is also questionable for this weekend together, the 49ers should be interesting given the fact that the offensive line seems to have risen to a level where they can make a difference. There is no concern with the 49er wide receivers with me. C.J. will have so many solid targets that if he has honed in on his accuracy with the way Kyle schemes receivers open all over the field C.J. should enjoy the day.

I’ll be looking for you Sunday at about 1:05 or thereabouts to enjoy the return of C.J. Beathard’s return debut into the 2018 season. Of course I’m expecting a win, and see you then Bring your popcorn...