Richard Sherman Should Sit Another Week

Richard Sherman Should Sit Another Week

Written on 10/02/2018
Ronbo Sports

The 49ers defense held Phillip Rivers to 250 yards while picking him off for six. 

As per usual the 49ers lost this game due to mistakes on their own part, and less to do with what the Chargers were doing to stop them.

Granted, the Cardinals may be on the rise with rookie Josh Rosen taking over the offense. Rosen seemed to have improved with every minute of that game last week vs the Hawks. 

My fear is that, the 49ers will need Sherman in week six against the Packers more than they will in week five versus the Cardinals. If that calf is still tender he needs to just stay down another week.

The current group the 49ers are using in the secondary needs all the reps they can get. The durability of all the staring secondary seems fragile. I believe allowing the youngsters to work will benefit the team in the long run. 

With the way strong safety Antone Exum Jr was looking against the Chargers he could use more work to hopefully adjust some of the minor issues he has. 

I’ve a feeling Sherman is going to press Robert Saleh to allow him to play this Sunday. If Sherman gets hurt or extends his current injury against the Cardinals that would be tragic.

We’re all curious about the progress of Tavarious Moore. It could be that if Ahkello Witherspoon is feeling less than one hundred percent. It may be a good idea to give the rookie a look this week to allow Witherspoon to come closer to one hundred percent by week six. 

At any rate, if the starters do petition to get into this game, hopefully they’ll be made to sit if the 49ers get a substantial lead into the 4th quarter if that is at all possible. These days that is a tough wish in the NFL. Every game seems to go down to the wire.

The 49ers absolutely have to win this game. All we can hope for is that there are no injures to any more of the prime starters.