When Will C.J. Beathard Finally Get Some Respect?

When Will C.J. Beathard Finally Get Some Respect?

Written on 10/07/2018
Ronbo Sports

As a 49ers fan it is becoming easier, and easier to become attached to C.J. Beathard, even if you weren’t before now. The poor guy has immediately become the media whipping boy since replacing Jimmy Garoppolo as the 49ers starter.. 

Beathard is being judged by his rookie season to the point that his current evaluations refuse to leave 2017.

Meanwhile he has clearly moved on.

What was really disrespectful was the suggestion that the 49ers trade for Nick Foles. I’m not sure if that suggestion was in place before last weeks game against the Chargers or not. 

You would think with the effort against the Chargers that C.J. could gain at least a teaspoon of respect for handling the 49ers offense with a solid hand for the most part.  Keep in mind C.J. is out there nearly a year apart from the 2017 season exit in which he had lost a few. Beathard left the game hurt versus the Seahawks.

It could be that to much is made of C.J.’s toughness that the term has over defined him to the point that his quarterback skills aren’t being considered.

In his triumphant return to the lineup in place of the injured Jimmy Garoppolo C.J. had to have surprised even his staunchest critics.

The criticisms on the rookie C.J. Beathard during 2017 were his field awareness wasn’t razor sharp, accuracy, it took him to long to process, make a decision and get the ball out. Ok fine you won’t get a lot of argument. However that was a year ago. 

It’s time to move on. C.J. Beathard put up professional stats last week in spite of that famous toughness of his being on display. He was also hitting his targets that at times looked as it it were easy.

In Beathards own words the game has slowed down for him, he feels way more comfortable, he can see, and read the defense just by a glance of the formation. The change in C.J. has taken place whether his critics want to accept it or not.

C.J. completed 23 of 37 attempts for 298 yards that included 2 touchdowns and 2 Int’s which were both arguably not his fault.

The 49ers lost that game, but that too wasn’t the fault of Beathard who did plenty to put the 49ers in position to win. 

The Chargers escaped for a victory by a score of 29 - 27. Oddsmakers had them predicted to blow the 49ers out in double digit style. The voting public did not see this year’s 2018 version of C.J. Beathard.

Beathard  for now will be considered Jimmy G’s backup, but if he strings two or three wins together of the next four contest it could change the perception of C.J. That has to be inaccurate.

I’m looking so forward to this weekends game… Let’s go CJ!