49ers vs Cardinals Preview

49ers vs Cardinals Preview

Written on 10/07/2018
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C.J. Beathard has set the bar for high expectations going forward. Just about everybody appreciated what was displayed by Beathard in the game vs the Chargers.

The 49ers have dealt with three pro bowl quarterbacks and the current hottest quarterback in the NFL for 2018. The 49ers record proves shows that, as they’ve emerged from the first quarter of the season with a 1-3 record. The only saving grace is that when the 4th quarter arrived in all three losses the 49ers were still in the contest.

C.J. will not hinder the 49ers efforts to win, and most likely won’t be spotlighted as the problem going forward. If anything judging from  his comments in reaction to the extremely disrespectful things being tossed his way, he may be the most motivated player on the roster right now.

The Cardinals are struggling to make the segue from Bruce Arians to Steve Wilks. 

Wilks frustration is on full display seemingly from the beginning of every game until the bitter end. Wilks is a defensive minded coach, where as Arians was the opposite. That fact could be part of the reason the once offensively potent Cards are suddenly struggling every game to score points. 

The Cardinal defense is not as inadequate as they statistically appear. Personnel wise they are solid. The inept offense however, is keeping them on the field for long periods which of course makes them susceptible especially going into the second half of games. 

Kyle Shanahan will most likely run a lot this game to take advantage of the facts that the Cardinals struggle with stopping the run, and opposing tight ends.  That Cardinals issue falls right into the current strengths of the 49ers. Second year players, including running back Matt Breida, and tight end George Kittle are having break out seasons thus far in the season. In this one game over the first quarter of the season both Breida and Kittle are ranked at the top half of their position groups.

The real test for the 49ers shouldn’t be the offense. 

Josh Rosen is a rookie quarterback that will grow with experience. In truth Rosen should have beaten the Hawks last week if it not for several key drops. That problem usually occurs until receivers get the timing down, and used to suddenly having a new quarterback. The team did have Sam Bradford for the first three games of the season however, so their problems may have more to do with the implementing of the new offense that new offensive coordinator Mike McCoy is installing. 

The 49ers defense cannot take their foot off the gas one little bit against the struggling Cards offense. This could be the week that the Cards start to gel with Rosen under center. The team should work on taking advantage of the things most rookies struggle with, and keep Rosen and the Cardinals offense on their heels. Rosen may not be quite ready for primetime but his accuracy is brilliant as well as the fact that he is a sharp player. 

The 49ers will need to take advantage of this week, and try some new concepts on both sides of the ball to see what is effective and what isn’t. 

It’s a must win game for the 49ers for so many reasons. 

Prediction: 49ers 38 Cardinals 17