Shanahan Forges On With Depleted Forces

Shanahan Forges On With Depleted Forces

Written on 10/11/2018
Ronbo Sports


I mean George Washington wading through the icy cold waters of the Delaware to surprise attack the Hessian forces has nothing on Kyle Shanahan’s mission these days.

When you listen to Coach Shanahan talk during his pressers you hear a calm confidence in his tone and his rhetoric. Yet, knowing that he is as fierce a competitor as there is, you realize he is not at all comfortable with the current, seemingly helpless situation that he is currently enduring. 

For sure Shanahan does truly believe he can win, with only two or three offensive weapons that he can completely rely on. That thinking stems from his incredible knowledge of the game, and how he knows how every player on the field will act, or react to every movement. The man is fascinating to me in that regard. 

You have to admire the fact that Shanahan is a savant amongst masters. 

Coach Shanahan has a young second year quarterback who is having to learn under extremely adverse conditions with the most  lethal weapons in his arsenal sidelined. It’s heartbreaking to watch him have to put some players who belong mostly in a supporting roles as the front line attackers.

One by one, they’ve all went down, McKinnon, Garoppolo, Goodwin, the up and coming promising new recruit Dante  Pettis. Also most recently, breakout player of the year candidate Matt Breida has sustained an ankle sprain. It’s not known yet when he will return to action. The 49ers are currently looking for a replacement should Breida be out for an extended period, but we can be guaranteed whom ever he is, he won’t equal Breida. 

Meanwhile Shanahan assures the media the 49ers will look at the film, make assessments, and carry on. Granted that is what he, and any other coach would say, but with him, I think he really means it. 

Kyle Shanahan really believes he can win without his top playmakers. 

If you go back into the history of both Kyle Shanahan and his famous father they never really were keen on stacking a team with all star talents. I wish I understood more about that mentality, but I do know that for a fact. Elway wasn’t always surrounded by a pro bowl lineup, but the Broncos were winners under Mike Shanahan. Elway was a tough, mentally tough, and I’m talking an extremely tough refuse to lose kind of QB. I think sometimes Shanahan believes he has the makings of that kind of quarterback in young C.J. Beathard. He just may have if he thinks so. Remember Shanahan’s pick of Kirk Cousins was not well received by the Washington Redskins front office. The popular quarterback photo hanging in Daniel  Snyder’s office was that of Robert Griffin III  We can assume from that kind of judgment years ago Shanahan has to be taken seriously.  Shananhan as well as his Father seem to pride themselves in winning with ingenuity. For that your knowledge of the game has to be infinite. This is why I pray we see the day when Garoppolo, McKinnon and Breida are all lined up together in the backfield with George Kittle and Kyle Juszczyk, manning positions at the snap with a healthy Goodwin, Pettis, Bourne, and Taylor all lined up on the field fully knowledgeable of Shanahan’s uncanny schemes, and all able to execute like a troop of special forces cutting a defense to ribbons. 

We won’t see Coach Shanahan roll into action with his most elite this season, but what we will see is a brilliance that most of the time we may not even be able to comprehend.

If you’ve been paying close attention you know even with a depleted offense led by a quarterback that is nowhere near ready for primetime, the team continues to fight. The only reason the 49ers are losing is because of mainly mental errors, and momentary lapses in concentration. At some point the players that coach Shanahan does have are going to finally settle down, stop with the brutal mistakes, and start to reflect their leader.

Injuries are one thing but right now it’s focus, and maturity that is beating the 49ers more than any other single aspect of the game. 

If discipline finally kicks in, even the current unit on the field can score. Shanahan makes it that easy. When will that happen? It’s just so hard to tell right now. What we witnessed in this past game versus the Cardinals was an absolute debacle by a few players that may not be on the team next season, but Kyle Shanahan is such a competitor he will not entertain the thought of giving up for a second. The man amazes me. I think even Belichick would have thrown his hands up in the air by now with the mistakes, miscues, and out, and out bad football some of the guys demonstrated this past game. Mistakes were made that they’ve known better about since pop Warner. 

The time may be coming close to arriving as far as the mental errors, or at least slowed down. I really believe the 49ers will reflect more of their coach this Monday night than they have been.