It’s Tough to Appreciate “The Niners Growth Process”

It’s Tough to Appreciate “The Niners Growth Process”

Written on 10/14/2018
Ronbo Sports

As we watch the 1-4 young 49ers it becomes clear that the assembly of the future is still in progress. The scary thing is comparing the 49ers growth process with that of other teams that “were also” on the same page. The Browns are no longer running on the same path as the 49ers. The Bills have escaped the 49ers club for now as well. The Jets are a strange group, but as long as Darnold is starting they are always a possible winner.

To be honest it is the lack of faith most have in the growth of poor C.J. who has to go through a period of inconsistency for awhile until he finally establishes himself as an NFL quarterback. He has the task of learning the most difficult and highest responsibility position on the field. To further define that passage, I’m thinking there is no telling just yet which C.J. is going to show up on a given Sunday. C.J. vs the Chargers wasn’t great, but he did seem a bit sharper vs the Chargers than he did versus the Cardinals. 

That is typical of a young quarterback unless he is a hardcore first round pick. There is no way to know what to expect from C.J. Beathard in this upcoming Monday night game versus the Packers. That in itself is a worrisome thought. We’ve not really witnessed  Beathard playing at a real high level yet, but with Shanahan’s reputation to build quarterbacks you can’t rule out the possibility that C.J. will at some point impress.

I know I keep referring to those words that continue to echo in my mind from Robert Saleh, but if the Niners start to show sharp improved play in the weeks ahead as Saleh pointed out before the season started it’s going to change my entire opinion about Robert Saleh, and I already hold his existence on this squad in high regard. I’m convinced he still has the respect of his stumbling young defense. Adrian Colbert has gotten on the witness stand and testified about his mistake, and signed a full confession. That at least tells me that he most likely will not fail in the fashion that he did versus the Cardinals, with his role in the Josh Rosen to Christian Kirk caper.

What will help us all to relax is that if we take note of what set you on fire the first time, and if the same thing reoccurs to set you on fire a second time, then it would be time to get legitimately pissed. 

I’m looking forward to growth, but asking for perfection at this particular time is a lofty expectation that we probably should pump the brakes on.