49ers vs Packers Preview

49ers vs Packers Preview

Written on 10/15/2018
Ronbo Sports

I keep glancing at the Vegas sites to see if the line has increased from the 9.5 - 10 in favor of the  Packers over the 49ers Monday night contest.

I’ve talked at length about how the Packers are getting far to much juggernaut like credit for a team that just got their lunch handed to them by the less than tough Lions.

After thinking more on the matter, it may not be that so much credit is being acknowledged to the gimpy knee Rodgers led Packers. It is most likely more about the recently declared not fit for primetime broadcast 49ers. 

Any team that allows the Arizona Cardinals to come into their house and beat them by ten points,  should expect to be stripped of all dignity.

It could be that the most potent weapon the 49ers possess coming into week six is a huge shame motivation. It seems the Niners locker room is status is described as “salty” due to being flexed out of what was supposed to be a Sunday evening matchup with the Rams. The game instead will feature the Chiefs vs Bengals since they are better for ratings…

The seesaw juggle of healthy, vs unhealthy players affecting the roster has been an ongoing drama all season long. 

In this week six arrival of this 2018 season the 49ers welcome back receiver Marquise Goodwin, but in exchange, Matt Breida’s return to the lineup Monday night is in Jeopardy. Breida is having a solid year running the ball, but avoiding injury seems near impossible all the way back since training camp. 

Even with just (49 carries) for the season in week five Breida currently remains amongst the best running backs in the NFL with a (7.5 yards) per carry average which is tops in the league with not another running back even close. Breida will bring a total of (369 yards) total on the season into Monday night. He currently ranks at (number 11) If Breida plays he would most likely vault himself back into the top ten stats wise amongst NFL running backs. Marshawn Lynch is resting at (no.10) with (376 yards) Former 49ers running back Carlos Hyde is at (no. 9) with (382 yards)  

The Packers defense is suspect this season. If Breida can play it would be huge in combination with the return of Goodwin who would torch the Packers very average secondary while giving C.J. Beathard a safety net. That is one of the benefits of Goodwin being in the lineup. He can get open just about whenever he wants to. That is when the 49ers wide receiving crew is most effective. Goodwin creates an urgency to every member in the opposing secondary to stay alert.

The 49ers pass rush will however have difficulty getting through the Packers offensive line. The Pack may be missing key personnel on their offensive line Monday night, but the organization has done a good job in putting together personnel that takes pretty good care of Rodgers. 

Rodgers most likely won’t challenge Richard Sherman on his side of the field, but possibly once  to test his health. That effort will most likely indicate to beware. From that point on Rodgers will be the responsibility of  of Ahkello  Witherspoon, or Greg Mabin. 

The player in the secondary who will really be tested is Adrian Colbert of whom Rodgers is expected to attempt to exploit immediately in this game due to the fact that Colbert has struggled of late from his position over the top.

The question is, has Robert Saleh and his crew prepared the defensive line to stymie Aaron Rodgers? 

Rodgers is nursing a sore knee which fortunately for the 49ers will hamper his mobility. Rodgers is dangerous enough even with that knee ailing let alone completely healthy. Fortunately for the 49ers unless Randall Cobb is ready to go full speed from that hamstring pull he’ll be most likely kept in check if he is lining up in the slot by K’Waun Williams. Since Richard sherman is going to take up one side of the field most likely the Packers will line Davante Adams up on the opposite side of the field. 

That situation will have Rodgers in improvise mode all night. It’s believed Rodgers is at his most dangerous when in that gear. The 49ers defensive line has to make that difficult for Rodgers or the game could quickly get out of reach.

The 49ers offensive line has improved to the point that there is nothing but praises for them. There is a reason why the 49ers run game is looking so solid, and it’s not just the efforts of Breida, and Morris. Both backs owe their success to the offensive line.

The most mysterious piece of the 49ers offensive puzzle is second year quarterback C.J. Beathard.  There is no need to expect huge gains from last weeks performance other than a better awareness, and effort to take care of the ball. Beathard cannot allow the opposing defense to manhandle the ball out of his hands this week. i’m sure nobody is more determined to keep that from happening than he is.

Prediction: 49ers win 24 - 17