49ers vs Packers Review

49ers vs Packers Review

Written on 10/17/2018
Ronbo Sports

Every week as the 49ers continue to evolve towards maturity it seems new discoveries are made both good, and at all to often not good. 

C.J. Beathard continues to take a steps forward and that is something that was not expected unanimously be all 49ers fans. 

C.J. came into Lambeau field and he gave Aaron Rodgers a run for his money all the way into the 4th quarter. 

Only a few NFL media persons are acknowledging the 49ers for their efforts in nearly upsetting the now (3-2-1) Packers. In fact the NFL community is questioning the playoffs legitimacy of the Packers in their near miss of disaster beyond any praises or prowess of the 49ers. 

From the very beginning of the game the 49ers were not in awe of  Lambeau field where the legendary Vince Lombardi built a legacy that defines Packers football. 

The Niners showed the Packers no respect from the opening kickoff and rolled right down the field on their first possession and into pay dirt for a quick six that resulted from a combination of great play calling by Coach Kyle Shanahan, and one of the smoothest executions by the 49ers all season. In seven plays the 49ers rolled down field seventy five yards capped off with a 3yard romp by Matt Breida into the end zone to lead the Packers 7- 0. That drive took up (4:01 seconds)

That beautiful sequence of plays from the 49ers was quickly gotten over though by the capacity filled Green bay stadium, as  Aaron Rodgers moved down field against the 49ers defense with an even faster pace to equal the score in (1:47seconds) 

That was the trend for the entire first half. Both teams actually appeared equal. 

The play that did not make the (top 15) plays of the week on any network is what is so wrong. 

The lightening strike bomb of (67yards) from C.J. Beathard to Marquis Goodwin deserved way more attention than it received.

The exchanges between the two teams showed there would be no displays of weakness from the 49ers who according to the script were supposed to be subservient to the mighty Packers. However there was a 49ers painful difference. While the Packers may have been vulnerable to Kyle Shanahan’s award winning schemes as they continuously moved the chains all the way into the end zone and into the range of kicker Robbie Gould the 49ers youth was still painfully on display. 

The Packers may have never been in any danger the whole game. The Green Bay team maintained the discipline needed to win while they were down. The Packers made the fewer mistakes between the two teams in this fight. That was the winning difference. 

Green Bay took advantage of both 49ers fumbles which equalled (10 points) that the 49ers gift wrapped and handed to them. The 49ers maintained their lead of (24 to 20) at the half but the damage was done. 

What is to be proud of as a 49ers fan is that the fight they brought to the Packers was valiant. Kyle Shanahan had the team prepared, and ready to bounce back, from what was just a few days prior the 49ers most dismal performances of the season against the Cardinals. The Cardinals only win of the season is thanks to a very forgettable performance by the 49ers. 

The ongoing slogan of this 49ers 2018 season is that “the 49ers should have won the game”yet again. 

All it took to lose this game was a misread from C.J. Beathard who took the wrong option going after Marquise Goodwin deep downfield late in the 4th quarter when he had both Kittle, and Garcon available underneath the coverage. Either playmaker could have put Robbie Gould in position to possibly put the 49ers ahead to stay. 

What 49ers fans have to embrace is the fact that C.J. and they young inexperienced 49ers have a lot to learn. This 49ers team has plenty of film to watch and learn from before they arrive to a point where these disappointments will finally come to an end.

Meanwhile, as Joe Staley said, this loss was not to be blamed on any one player. There is plenty of blame to be designated. 

The interesting thing is that when the 49ers all sit down and take notes from the game film they’ll  make gains that will amaze. If the pace that the 49ers are improving from week to week continues we may all finally be excited by season’s end. If only in this upcoming week vs the Rams could that high level of competence emerge. That would be great timing for the victories to start rolling in for a win starved 49ers fanbase.