How Serious Is Pettis Knee Injury?

How Serious Is Pettis Knee Injury?

Written on 10/21/2018
Ronbo Sports

Dante Pettis has been out since early in the Chargers game in week four. During this midweek injury report he was cleared for practice. Now we hear that he is out for this Sunday against the Rams.

The most disturbing thing about this time off is that it’s obvious that the NFL is not to big for Dante Pettis. He stood out in the Vikings game in a way that it’s obvious that he can contribute right now.

With Pettis every moment of experience during games brings more familiarity to the things he is going to have to find out about and adjust too.

What’s more, is the knee sprained, hyperextension, or what is the story on that knee? The growth of Dante Pettis is so important right now. If he is out another week you have to wonder if surgical repair is going to be needed. Keep your fingers crossed for the talented receiver, we need Pettis. That player is looking like the future already, and I’m concerned…