49ers vs Rams Review

49ers vs Rams Review

Written on 10/22/2018
Ronbo Sports


The most worrisome matter concerning the 49ers loss to the Rams is that for the rest of the season it would appear that one thing that can be counted on is that there will be a number of turn overs. 

The thoughts of the 49ers fan were parallel to the special occasion of the day. This was a day when the 49ers community would pay tribute to one of the greatest 49ers to ever lace em up, the legendary Dwight Clark. 

Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, and other celebrities of the Niner Empire were all over the facility out in Santa Clara for the unveiling of “The Catch” statue.

That was the high point of this particular Sunday.

It wasn’t that the 49ers lost the game that brought heartache. What was so disturbing was the effort and the seemingly unprepared nature of the effort. 

Why are the 49ers still laboring with the same mistakes that they’ve struggled with for weeks? 

It’s a young team and that is understood, however at the same time if a player is at this level I’ve got to quote Richard Sherman.  “Young is not an excuse” and especially when some of what we’re seeing go wrong is gone over week after week.

C.J. is apparently going to take a bit longer to develop than anybody actually knew. Kyle said upon drafting him that he would be a project. That statement would translate to it’s unknown how long it will take for him to measure up to NFL standard. I do appreciate C.J.’s efforts however, and do believe he is giving 100% but at times the game does move to fast for him.

One thing that is emerging as a huge truth is that if Raheem Mostert continues as he currently is the 49ers won’t need to waste any time looking over new running backs next season. They have four right now that are most likely the best fits for Shanahan’s system. If Mostert isn’t going to fumble he is solid, very solid. If Breida was healthy they would resemble the Parker - Coleman combo that coach Shanahan had in Atlanta. 

After 7 games is George kittle a potential pro bowl player? Kittle makes his presence known every game in one way or the other whether it’s those vicious and tenacious blocks of his or those magnificent receptions. If George is on the field everybody knows it. This game against the Rams was business as usual for Kittle.

What was disappointing in this game is that George became C.J.’s only target with the exception of a couple of plays.  It was if C.J. lost his mojo with his other receivers from his energy in the Green Bay game. This is why it’s hard to accept this performance.

The 49ers defense still has a way to go before any OC around the league will stay up all night trying to thwart them. The 49ers are still short a couple of higher level pass rushers.

On a related matter this is why I sympathize with Kyle Shanahan who does spend hours scheming up the weaknesses of NFL defenses, just to see the 49ers offense not execute properly. 

When watching the 49ers, you have to keep in mind that the brick by brick building is still on the ground floor…