49ers vs Cardinals Week 8 Preview

49ers vs Cardinals Week 8 Preview

Written on 10/28/2018
Ronbo Sports

They're so many different variables surrounding the 49ers during this midseason time that will affect the quality of their performance vs the Cardinals. 

A fear that all who love the 49ers have to be concerned with is the locker room morale. Remember back in week 4 when comments were swirling by the media about C.J. Beathard’s ability to fill the quarterback void left by the injured Jimmy Garoppolo? 

Also you may recall Reuben Foster’s thundering comment to reporters asking him about the remainder of the season without Garoppolo? Fosters responded with “C.J. aint no Roody-poo”.

The question about C.J.’s ability to lead the team better not be asked at this hour. The backup quarterback on this day has been on the field and the results have beeb one loss after another. 

To be fair with the exception of the Rams game that ended in a blowout he has been competitive. 

The interesting element to this season is the glaring fact of the offensive turnovers that prompt the question, would the 49ers really have won at least three of the four games since Garoppolo left, had they been able to take better care of the ball? In both the Cardinals first matchup and the Packers game it is for certain they would have triumphed. No matter how hard the media projects the Packers to be Super Bowl contenders it’s simply not true.

Meanwhile has C.J. learned enough yet to avoid another bludgeoning? Does Reuben Foster still believe that C.J. ain’t no “roody-poo? Are the rest of the 49ers rallying behind C.J. or has the wind been let of of their sales that were sailing toward success? The team’s current attitude will make all the difference in the world in the Cards matchup.

The 49ers won’t have an ailing Pierre Garcon dragging Patrick Peterson around all afternoon, since he won’t be playing. Dante Pettis will be his apparent substitute. Will Peterson stay with Pettis, or will he opt to be cover Goodwin? 

At any rate, no matter where Peterson isn’t  both capable receivers between Pettis and Goodwin will provide plenty of job opportunities for the Cardinal secondary. The advantage is that Peterson can’t cover but one position at a time. Hopefully the Cards will opt to stay with Pettis. Peterson has no experience with Pettis. That could be a problem for the all pro. All pro Xavier Rhodes would testify to that.

Actually it is said that Antoine Bethea has done an admirable job on tight ends this season. Is George Kittle in danger of the mighty Beathea locking him down in this game?

Is it asking to much of the 49ers to stop David Johnson for the second, and final meeting between the two clubs for the  season?

Those questions are difficult to answer, but one thing that rings true is that the Cardinals defensive line has been susceptible to the run. 

We are now hearing word that Matt Breida will indeed be in the lineup. If the Cards are struggling with the run the good  guys in red are just in time.

This game would be easy to call if we were for sure as to which C.J. Beathard will be attending the contest. 

If the Beathard that nearly ran over the Packers Lambeau, or the C.J. that gave the Chargers all they could handle the 49ers have a good chance of becoming week 8 winners. That possibility hinges of course on if C.J. can get a grip on the turnovers that he suffered during those losing outings.

I have faith that he will, and has maybe at least climbed partially over that hurdle… 

Prediction: 49ers win 31- 13