49ers vs Giants Week 10 Review

49ers vs Giants Week 10 Review

Written on 11/13/2018
Ronbo Sports

It’s become clear that the 49ers are going to have to have a huge lead to win another game this season. That win against the Raiders was more representative of who they currently are than we knew. 

However, I did feel that strides were made in this game. 

If you keep in mind that the education of Nick Mullens is in progress you have to temper expectations. Mullens was actually poised, and appeared to again be in complete control of the offense. At this point I’m impressed in Mullens progress. In fact, had Garcon been playing the 49ers walk away with that win. There were those spots in the game where we did see Mullens have to hesitate. He had to check down more than he did last Thursday night. The rapport between Garcon and Mullens is solid. At this point in Mullens development he needs Garcon.

The Giants were more solid defensively than the Raiders.  I’m hoping that Kyle Shanahan does not consider reasserting C.J. Beathard this season. Nick Mullens will gain from this game vs the Giants, and I’m certain we’ll see him adjust from what he learned in this game.

Mullens wasn’t the issue in this contest in the first place.

The Giants won this game versus the 49ers defense. The Giants came in with a plan to get rid of the ball quick, and keep most of what they were doing rolling underneath the coverage. Any plays that called for Manning to hold onto the ball for any length of time did not happen.  

the 49ers defensive front rush had no effect on the Giants game plan.

The Giants stressed the weakest group of the defense and exploited the secondary all game long. Quarterbacks like Rodgers who took apart Greg Mabin on the last Monday night contest in Green Bay in the closing minutes of the game, and Manning who in spite of his recent struggles are hall of fame talents who will take a zone defense apart all game long if that is all they’ll have to do to win.