49ers "Triple Threat Rushing" Attack

49ers "Triple Threat Rushing" Attack

Written on 11/18/2018
Ronbo Sports

I’m excited about the 49ers offensive potential for next season to the point that this season’s misery is no longer effecting my mood. 

Last season Matt Breida should have been assigned way more responsibility. We can now clearly see that Breida is a blue ribbon running back. Would we have found out about this fact had Jerick McKinnon not went down with that horrifying injury? It’s hard to even speculate. 

According to reports Kyle Shanahan testified on behalf of both Matt Breida, and George Kittle that coming into OTA’s they were both players possessed with getting better at ever facet of their individual games. They’ve done all of that, and more. Both are on pace for thousand yard seasons in an atmosphere that they could have given up in.

Raheem Mostert continues to be my favorite for the “most improved player” award just because the distance he has come in his career to suddenly become an astonishing running back. His final performances were epic. He out gained Breida in each of the games that they played together. 

I choose to believe that McKinnon will have similar success due to his quickness. Speed seems to be a key in running Shanahan’s scheme. The blocking maze set up by the offensive line getting into space and creating paths. Both Breida and Mostert do not dance in the hole looking for avenues, they are one cut plant the foot and they are out of here! That is the essence of “Kyle style football!”

That TD that Breida grabbed in the end zone versus that Giants and several others he has made this season has me convinced he can be a legitimate pass catching option out of the backfield. Like McKinnon he is capable of doing massive damage in space.

What we’ve seen with the maturation of Breida, and the emergence of Mostert is that you can pretty much make Jerick McKinnon a slot receiver for half a game, while allowing Mostert and Breida to tear defenses apart from the line of scrimmage. With a trio like McKinnon, Breida, and Mostert Kyle Shanahan’s imaginations can be applied and realized with an exclamation point.

Hurry up and bring on 2019!