Niners Front Office Wise to Stay The Course

Niners Front Office Wise to Stay The Course

Written on 11/19/2018
Ronbo Sports


I do appreciate winning just like everybody else, but there are reasons why Lynch and company better not abandon their current plan of “building the 49ers the right way”.

I’m not saying build the team entirely through the draft, and the 49ers aren’t doing that anyway. They are paying close attention to building a young core, and that makes sense to me.

I was taken back by how bad the Eagles were battered by the Saints. The Eagles were beaten like no other Super Bowl team has been beaten in the season following a Super Bowl win in the history of the game.

There were many reasons for the loss, but the factor that sticks out in my mind the most is the fact that last season the jokes about the Eagles having bought a championship were real. 

The Eagles suffered some injuries, but there was an exodus of some key players from the Eagles roster as well. When you stack a team with mercenaries, looking for a ring, packing short contracts danger is dead ahead.

Sure that can happen to any team, but that beating was extremely telling.

In todays MNF game pitting the Rams who are also stacked with rentals vs the Chiefs should be interesting. The Rams are a classic collection of players who won’t be there next season. You can pretty much bet that they are next season’s Eagles. I’m not saying that due to my disdain for the Rams, but I’m looking at the ages, and salaries and it’s pretty clear that the Rams better win it all this year.

The 49ers path to domination will be slower, but it will make more sense, while being sustainable with a  manageable amount of maintenance.

The Chiefs are another story, and it’s possible that that Kansas City could be on top for awhile with Patrick Mahomes running that offense the way that he does. He is surrounded by a solid core of young weapons that started out with Andy Reid and are exactly what you want to see from a young team. The Chiefs are a full extension of Andy Reid, and that’s what makes that team so potent. Reid to me is a hall of fame coach.

I’m envisioning what a team that fully displays “Kyle style football” is going to look like. That should be interesting.

What I think the 49ers are going to attempt to do, is build the team after the Patriots model, and that has to be respected.