49ers vs Buccaneers Preview

49ers vs Buccaneers Preview

Written on 11/25/2018
Ronbo Sports


One of the reasons I was hoping the 49ers could at least break even in the first 8 games is because I knew like most everybody else, that the second half of the season was pretty much winnable. 

Here we are with Jimmy G, Jerick McKinnon, Pierre Garçon, Marquis Goodwin and add the latest casualty Reuben Foster to the list.  Suddenly every team on the softest part of the schedule can slay the 49ers.

With the distraction of Reuben Foster’s latest arrest looming beyond large to huge, the 49ers are most likely rolling around with a broken intensity. 

The trauma of seeing your teammate online in an orange jump suit hours before the game will interrupt any group that was all embraced and singing  Kumbaya.

Focus, and concentration is a must for the 49ers who cannot make lots of mistakes and turn the ball over against the Bucs or they will be fried. The game will get out of reach before the halftime should that happen. The Bucs have a lot of problems but scoring isn’t one of them.

In order to beat Tampa Bay you’ve got to score, and ball control is essential. The less you keep the Bucs on the field as most teams have, the better your chances are of gaining a win.

When you factor in that Marquise Goodwin is also missing due to personal problems, and Foster’s issue just before bedtime, I’m concerned with the morale of the team at this hour.

The Bucs are at home, and unless they are the complete train wreck that they’ve been portraying since week 3 I’ve a bad feeling about this game.

The 49ers are without their best weapons, and a defense that really needed the support of a strong offense. 

I do see one potential edge however. If Dante has been nearly as thrilling as Kyle claims during the past week of practice he may be able to help Bourne and Kittle out. on the air attack. Not much is known about Pettis around the league just yet.

Matt Breida should be fine as long as Staley and his boys are clearing path.

I’ll stick with a 49ers win but only by the hair on their chinny chin chin due to the fact that Winston and Fitz are notorious for their penchant to give the opposing teams plenty of opportunities. 

I’ve got to back off from my score of a few days ago with the 49ers 30+ points potential. I was on that thought path due to both Goodwin and Kittle running routes against the Bucs.

Prediction: 49ers over the Bucs in a close one 24 - 20