There Is No Single Reason For The Niners 2018 Tailspin

There Is No Single Reason For The Niners 2018 Tailspin

Written on 11/28/2018
Ronbo Sports

For the past 4 seasons fingers have been pointed, and actions have been taken within the 49ers organization to better their chances to compete, and contend.  

The 49ers will have had a mass exodus continuously for the past 5 years come this January.

Trent Baalke was to blame for awhile. He has since left the building. The seasons after his exit the record hasn’t really changed much.

According to public opinion Jed York needed to just sign the checks and stay out of the way of grown folks who knew what they were doing. York has pretty much done exactly that for the past 2 years. He also put together a solid tandem in Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch. A percentage of the 49ers community truly believed that would be all that would be necessary to get to the Super Bowl, and in the same 2017 season that they arrived.

The 49ers were in dire need of a quarterback, but that didn’t seem to matter. If the guys Jed hired couldn’t get the job done they can follow Trent Baalke and Chip Kelly in 2018.

Fortunately Jed gave the duo six year contracts. With that kind of contract you actually can’t fire people, as they are now to expensive to let go of and get nothing in return while having to expand the payroll to bring in a new team.

Meanwhile the 49ers need for a solid quarterback had become priority one. Presto… John Lynch sustained a golden boy from the New England Patriots. Enter Jimmy Garoppolo. Jimmy came riding in on the back of a horse like a White Night in shinning armor. He was absolutely brilliant coming down the final 5 game stretch of the 2017 season. The 49ers had found there man.

As fate would have it, he gets hurt, and the 49ers end up relying on the backup quarterbacks. It’s now firmly established in the NFL that only "a real franchise quarterback" can take an NFL defense apart. 

The 49ers offense under Kyle Shanahan will struggle as long as Shanahan has to make things happen without weapons. What is extraordinary however is that Shanahan is working with a group that few coaches could reap the same production. The 49ers have actually had a decent scoring average up until the Tampa Bay game. What most don’t understand is that Shanahan makes it look somewhat easier than it really is. 

He had a reputation for getting a lot out of very little. Now I understand that is a fact, not a myth.

The question is will there be a fall guy this season? The 2018 season record may have to cost somebody. There is no such thing as patience in the NFL anymore. Do it now, or keep moving.

Robert Saleh is the fan favorite, and being held fully responsible for the efforts of the defense. Several players are being labeled "bust" by the fans. I do wonder if the coaches agree with the same names?

As judgement day approaches we will no longer see a lot of the familiar faces next season. In an attempt to improve, or at least make it seem that an honest effort is being made some will be falsely accused of being the problem. They will go on to other destinations and prove that as we’ve seen year after year.

If there is a legitimate fault to be handed out it’s the fact that it’s hard to keep high quality backups for your starters. The 49ers have went 4 years in a row with losing exactly the right players in the lineup to bring on full, and complete disaster. There is no sympathy in the NFL however and winning is the name of the game.

What we can all hope for in the 2019 season is that John Lynch and company can draft two first string units because recent history has shown the front line players are going to go down, and no amount of preparation, magic spells, super vitamins, or a room full of physical trainers with doctorate degrees can keep the 49ers off the IR.

Each, and every season Charles Darwins theory is proven to be accurate. The team that is atop of the food chain will win the Super Bowl. That will most likely be the case in the upcoming postseason.