49ers vs Seahawks Week 13 Preview

49ers vs Seahawks Week 13 Preview

Written on 12/02/2018
Ronbo Sports

As I watch this game of the Panthers vs the Seahawks it’s interesting how Christian McCaffrey is destroying the Seahawks. Also, Cam Newton who’s passing accuracy is no better know than it was five years ago is moving the ball with ease through the Seahawks defense. 

The 2018 Seahawks aren’t reminding anybody of their previous glory days, but they are a tenacious group that Pete Carroll has instilled his will in. The Seahawks made big plays all game long against the Panthers. That tenacity, and Russell Wilson’s endless collection of miracle plays was the reason the Seahawks pulled that game off in the 4th quarter to win it.

I mention that matchup due to McCaffrey’s success of whom has similar quickness to Matt Breida. The Seahawks aren’t going to stop the 49ers offensively, especially the run. I figure the traditional bad game the 49ers play each, and every year after the bye week rust is gone. We should see a better 49ers team this week.

Against the Seahawks run defense Breida could have a career game. 

On the flip side the 49ers are most likely going to stall the Seahawks run because if there is one thing the 49ers defense does a decent job on it’s the run. The Seahawks have the number one rushing attack in the NFL. They also run it more than anybody else as well.

The problem with the 49ers potential success to stop the Hawks run, is that the Seahawks will be forced to attack the 49ers through the air. Seattle’s game plan may be to do that from their opening series. 

The one thing that both Seahawks fans, and 49ers fans may both get to enjoy is if Russell Wilson responds to some of the comments that Sherman made earlier in the week prior to this game about his relationship with Russell Wilson. Should Wilson fall off from playing disciplined to go after Sherman that may give the 49ers an advantage due to Wilson not attacking the less experienced opposite side of the field. Also no matter what anybody says, messing with Sherman is playing with fire. He will be playing above anything we’ve seen from him all season long in this contest more than likely.

The Seahawks have managed to win the biggest part of their schedule this season due to having won a lot of their close games that the 49ers have managed to lose all of theirs.

If Wilson is allowed to escape the pocket all day, and make throws outside of the pocket to wide open receivers this game will be over by the half. If by some miracle the 49ers can contain Wilson they may have a shot that just about nobody believes they have… 

I’ll see you at game time…