49ers vs Seahawks Review

49ers vs Seahawks Review

Written on 12/03/2018
Ronbo Sports

There was a feeling of emptiness, and futility as a 49ers supporter following this latest beating at the hands of the Seahawks.

We all know that the Seahawks are playing decently this season, but the anticipation was since this is not the big bad Seahawks team that dominated the NFL for a stretch of years. The 49ers have been a team Seattle could count on to contribute to Seahawkswins needed to get to the playoffs for years.

What we saw was not a team that fully represents the 49ers, but it was the only team Kyle Shanahan, and Robert Saleh had to face the surging.

The 49ers were helpless for nearly a full 3 quarters of football.

The Seahawks have been suspect versus the run all season long, but they weren’t on this particular Sunday. Their defensive execution was excellent shutting down one drive after another against the 49ers weak attempts. They overwhelmed the 49ers offensive line time after time as Nick Mullens was unable to find receivers fast enough to release a pass before the Seahawks brought him down.

The 49ers again resumed with the mistakes, and turnovers and added to the doom of the 49ers all game long. The interception in the red zone that Bobby Wagner picked off and ran for 98 yards for a touchdown pretty much took all the fight the 49ers had left out of them, if they had any at that point.

The only positives that could be taken from that game is that Dante Pettis has huge potential. Pettis hauled in two touchdowns and amassed over  one hundred yards in receiving.

Also it is crystal clear that the 49ers have a stable full of running backs that includes Jeff Wilson. They need not waste a draft pick on a running back next season.

One thing was also clear. Given an adequate amount of time Nick Mullens can orchestrate an offense at a decent clip for a 2nd year player in Shanahan’s offense. He deserves more time to develop. He could be a solid backup for Jimmy Garoppolo.

The biggest fear for me right now is the morale in the 49ers clubhouse. The entire team is fully aware of the plight of the 2018 season. It has to be tough to get up for work for the rest of the season.