The 2018 49ers Class Will Be Hard to Beat

The 2018 49ers Class Will Be Hard to Beat

Written on 12/04/2018
Ronbo Sports

Remember the 49ers draft class of 2017? Where were you when you heard the 49ers drafted Solomon Thomas with the 3rd overall pick? Or did you just lose it when the 49ers picked up Reuben Foster at the end of the first round?

The stories are now rolling as to why the 49ers new regime debut season was something 49ers fans can now officially calm down about.

It was believed that most of what we viewed as positives in 2017 was more than likely judgments made in a hurry. 

John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan were brought in to work together after the Super Bowl. There were several teams in transition that year and finding good help to run a franchise was tough. The 49ers were late getting started.

Every team in the league had a jump on "our guys".

To be fair however if we keep in mind all of the aforementioned facts, John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan did fair for their first season at just about everything their respective jobs entailed.

George Kittle is a gem found in the 2017 class and is going to be part of a bright 49ers future largely due to his participation and contributions. Matt Breida wasn’t drafted, but he was given a phone call, and brought into camp by John Lynch. Breida is another point in the positive column.

I wish I knew what the story is on Trent Taylor. Taylor has been used sparingly this season which comes as a mystery to everyone who follows the 49ers. Kendrick Bourne is also a special player who comes up when you least expect him, and deserves some credit as a good pickup in 2017.

Fast forward to the 2018 class and it has to be better appreciated. The front office was all settled in, and full speed ahead for the 2018 draft.

The interesting comparison from the 2017 to the 2018 class is one that no 49ers fan should ever forget. There were just a scattered number of screams and cheers in the first round of the 2018 draft. However, Mike McGlinchey, and Dante Pettis appear to be the building blocks of a solid offense for the future. Fred Warner is already showing signs of a potential all pro as well with his high football IQ and consistency at the linebacker position.

The 49ers "brick by brick" construction is coming along fine. It’s not fast enough for many, but still, it’s coming along strong.