Does The Punishment Fit The Kyle Nelson Crime?

Does The Punishment Fit The Kyle Nelson Crime?

Written on 12/05/2018
Ronbo Sports

Nelson tested positive for illegal substance abuse for the first time to my knowledge. I’m confused by this judgement. I was under the impression that four games was the usual punishment. Is it just me or doesn’t that length of time for a first time offense seem a bit harsh?

I’m feeling bad for Kyle especially since I believe him when he says he was unaware of the particular enhancement properties in his supplements. 

I do believe that with the way the NFL keeps an eye on this matter that players should have every supplement they take tested before taking it, and Kyle is at fault for that oversight.

However ten games is insane. 

Victor Bolden Jr, and  Julian Edelman of the Patriots got only four games for the same infraction. 

This one thoroughly confuses me…