Race For The 2019 No.1 NFL Draft Pick

Race For The 2019 No.1 NFL Draft Pick

Written on 12/06/2018
Ronbo Sports

So here we are "gain" along with the 49ers dueling for the top pick in the draft. The Browns aren’t in the hunt this year however which makes the position even more embarrassing. After years, and years of outrageously bad football, owning and controlling the draft for most of the decade, the Browns have stock piled some incredible talents at every position.

Starting next year after being the definition of mediocrity, the Browns most likely will finally emerge as a serious threat.

Could you stand going the route of the Browns to finally get the chance to be thrilled?

Neither can I, and the 49ers no this better not happen.

This is going to be an interesting weekend with the 49ers playing the Broncos. The Raiders are playing the Steelers. Who do you think has an outside chance to win between San Francisco and Oakland?

That’s right it’s the 49ers, especially in lieu of the fact that wide receiver Emanuel Sanders of whom enjoys playing the 49ers may have an ACL tear.

Also I have a feeling that after a 4th week Nick Mullens is starting to get the hang of this offense and the rest of the guys in it.. Before you laugh remember how Mullens looked in the second half of that Seahawks game minus the incredibly bad timed errors. I see those being at a minimum this week.

It may be a good idea to hang mentally loose about that top of the order 2019 pick for a bit.