49ers vs Broncos Preview

49ers vs Broncos Preview

Written on 12/09/2018
Ronbo Sports

From this point on the 49ers will be in audition mode regarding most of the roster. I’m looking for some 49ers to have career games depending upon how bad they want to continue to be a part of the 49ers organization.

We’ll be getting a better look at players like Marcell Harris, Elijah Lee, and rumor has it that Pita Taumoepenu is going to possibly make an appearance.

The 49ers have announced that Jeff Wilson will be the starting running back in place of the injured Matt Breida.

The question is who will be the number two running back in this game.

Any and all fears we have of the Broncos rush are legit. Most likely by next year Bradley Chubb will have been in the league for his second season. Chubb is having a fine freshman season now, but you can predict  that Von Miller, and Bradley Chubb could end up being the most feared edge rushing duo in the NFL.

Offensively the growth of Dante Pettis is going to be the main attraction. As Kyle shanahan was quoted saying earlier in the week is that,  Dante is starting to look like why we brought him here.

You’ve already heard that Emanuel Sanders won’t be participating due to a potential ruptured achilles. 

My concerns after the game against the Hawks is that will it really matter who is at the opposition wide receiver? Will the 49ers be closer to comprehending their defensive system to a level that they can make the plays needed to be effective?

As 49ers fans we want to see a win, but by no means does anybody want to see the 49ers current draft order change.