49ers vs Broncos Review

49ers vs Broncos Review

Written on 12/10/2018
Ronbo Sports

Just when we all thought we could stick a fork in the 49ers knowing they were done for the season as far as winning any games was concerned they suddenly snap out of the season long coma to cancel any chances of the Broncos of gaining a possible wild card birth in the 2018 playoffs.

Meanwhile the 49ers have found a real hero in George Kittle. Kittle’s story has officially opened at chapter one this season.  Kittle finished the game with 210 yards gained to help beat the shocked Broncos! Everybody is pissed that he missed setting a new record for yardage gained in single game by a tight end. Shanan Sharp’s record of 214 was right there for the taking!! Kyle Shanahan spent a lot of time after the game apologizing for not allowing Kittle the opportunity to set the new record too.

Meanwhile Kittle has taken over as the Niners single season all time yardage leader. Vernon Davis had previously set the mark years ago of 965 yards. Kittle came into the game trailing Davis  by 70+yards. George blew the stat away to take over as the 49ers all time great with the new single season mark for a tight end at (1103) George has 3 games left to put that number even higher!

Nick Mullens came in with another solid performance going 20/33 for 332 yards 2 TD, and an INT that has to be given to Trent Taylor. That pass skipped right through his hands and into the hands of the Broncos Darian Stewart.  

This game marks 2 in a row that Nick has out performed QB’s that are years his senior in the NFL, including Russell Wilson and Case Keenum who took the Vikings to the NFC championship game as recently as last season.

What is also fascinating is how well Jeff Wilson Jr. is performing at running back filling in for 3 other running backs who are ranked above Wilson, and also rock solid. I’m fully convinced now that Bobby Turner and Kyle Shanahan are magicians when it comes to running backs. Jeff added 90 yards of hard running to the 49ers offensive attack. That total is more than both Phillip Lindsay [30 yards] and Royce Freeman [36 yards] of the Broncos were able to gain on the 49ers defense. 

ante Pettis is continuing to prove he has star potential. He added a 5th touchdown to his 49ers all time rookie leading total. That puts him up one on Terrell Owens rookie total of 4 TD’s. Dante has 3 more games to boost that margin.

The thing that stands out above all else is the attitude the 49ers came into the game with. They were playing like winners from the opening kickoff, and it was easy to be proud of the Niners in this contest.